A Hugo theme focused on content, cleanliness, speed, responsiveness and privacy.

Slick is a fork of Temple with many improvements.

Temple is a fork of Nofancy with many improvements.

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The main features of this theme include:

  • Supports taxonomies of tags, categories and series with their own pages
  • Pagination of content lists
  • RSS Feed with complete entries
  • Open Graph, and Twitter Cards support
  • Fully customizable menu entries in the header
  • Footer with fully customizable links and RSS
  • Customizable favicon (with correct mime type for png files) and ability to inject own css file
  • Relies on chroma for syntax highlighting
  • Not even one external request (privacy!) - Everything needed is part of this theme (Fonts, CSS, JS, …)
  • 404 page with customizable text


Just download the theme or clone it into your themes/ directory:

cd themes && git clone

Then reference it in your config:

theme = "slick"

Or when building the site, pass it in to the CLI:

hugo -t slick

To setup the 404 page please read the instructions.


Your config file will hold all your options.

Please have a look into the subfolders of _sites for working examples. It is highly recommended to make some adjustments to the main and the footer menu (e.g. to link to your About page).


Please Note: Files inside the static folder are only updated on tagged commits (releases).


This theme uses rollup.js and postCSS to bundle all files together. JavaScript is compiled from TypeScript. Components are drawn in by npm.

Please have a look inside package.json for commands and tools required for building.

Use npm version to tag a commit.


Contributions are welcome.


If you are adding a feature, fork the repository, create a new branch for your feature and submit a PR. Please make sure to put documentation for your new feature:

  • Place a comment about what your feature is doing above the code.
  • If making additions that will affect the config file, make sure you update the config.toml and config.yaml below the _sites folder as well as the


Submit a new issue with information about your issue and/or bug. If you have a solution, then submit a new PR with the guidelines posted above in the features section and link your issue to it using the keyword “closes”.


Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE.